Uniform Policy: Parents voted to continue our mandatory uniform policy. All students at Wilson School will wear school uniforms Monday through Thursday: dark blue pants, skirts, or shorts, and white shirts or blouses, preferably with collars. Plain white t-shirts or blouses may be worn, but they may not have an imprints or logos. No spaghetti straps or bare midriffs are permitted. Friday is spirit day, and students may choose to wear a Wilson T-shirt instead of a white shirt or blouse. School shirts with the paw logo can be purchased through the PTA. Pants may not be too big or baggy, nor may students wear gang-related attire, leggings, jeggings or spandex.  During colder months, blue sweat pants are acceptable for boys and girls. During warmer weather, students may wear longer shorts. Short shorts, spaghetti tops, hats, crop tops, and open toed shoes are not allowed. Students who do not wear a uniform must have a waiver signed by a parent on file in the office. However, consider that uniforms make the daily choice of what children wear faster and easier, can be less expensive, and students look neat and well-dressed. Research shows children wearing uniforms stay focused on academics and good behavior. Your compliance with this Uniform Policy is appreciated.

District Homework Policy: Homework is a shared responsibility of school and home. It is a task for developing students’ organization, time management, independent study skills, and responsibility. Students will know their homework, will complete it in a timely manner, and be responsible for getting it to and from school. Parents will monitor their student’s assignments, encourage the student to complete homework appropriately, provide a quiet place to study, and ask teachers if there are questions. Teachers will assign and fully explain homework which reflects the curriculum and that will help students to achieve standards, goals, and objectives of their grade level.    Projects and reports may be assigned and may require additional time on weekends. The District places high value on recreational reading, which may be assigned on a daily basis. The District suggests following number of minutes for homework:

  • Kindergarten through Grade Three: 10 to 30 minutes
  • Grade Four through Six: 30 to 60 minutes

Discipline Policy: Wilson's Discipline Policy includes the teacher’s plan, a Principal’s letter explaining discipline procedures, and a student, parent, teacher, and administrator Compact. Its purpose is to insure the right of each student to learn in a safe, positive, and productive environment. Students will be treated fairly and equitably. Discipline will be based on a careful assessment of the circumstances in each case, such as student’s age, attitude, frequency of misconduct, and the severity and potential adverse effect of the misconduct on the school environment. Records of serious misconduct will be maintained in the office.


  • Consequences of misbehavior may include student/parent/administrator conference, detention, extra work assignments, suspension, and expulsion.
  • Rewards for excellent behavior are verbal praise, classroom rewards, positive notes to parents, PAWS Awards, and recognition at Awards Assemblies.
  • The classroom teacher establishes a Classroom Discipline Plan which includes expected behavior and positive and negative consequences. These rules are posted in the classroom and a copy kept in the office. Each teacher has a plan for positive reinforcement to be used on an ongoing basis. Some examples are: positive notes, play money systems, Super Citizen of the Week, and PAWS Awards. Yellow Tickets are written notices given by playground supervisors to individual classroom teachers which alert the teacher about students who display poor conduct while on the playground.

Student Attendance Policy: Wilson School will provide calendars that advise parents of class and vacation schedules. We ask parents to plan vacations during vacation time. During family emergencies, we suggest that parents consider allowing their child to continue attending school. It is important that students attend school regularly, and student attendance is carefully monitored. It is the parent’s responsibility to verify each absence. Within one day of each absence a parent must provide an explanation in person, by note, or telephone call to 949.515.6826. Severe cases of poor attendance or excessive tardiness will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board.    There are three absence types:


  • Excused with parent’s knowledge: Illness; doctor or dentist’s appointment; quarantine ordered by a county or city health officer; funeral services of a member of the student’s immediate family; court appearance; religious holiday, ceremony, or religious retreat.
  • Unexcused: Absence for other than reasons listed above.
  • Truant: Absence without the parent’s knowledge or approval. The school will follow up truancies with disciplinary action.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities: Newport-Mesa Unified School District provides copies of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities. Classroom teachers discuss this document with the students, and a copy is sent to each parent.   Internet Use: Newport-Mesa Unified School District is creating an Internet Use policy and agreement. It can be found in the packet sent home to families on the first day of school.   Visitors Policy: Families of students at Wilson School are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. Visits of fifteen minutes to your child’s class must be scheduled at a time convenient for the class and the teacher. Feel free to observe the class and to read displayed work, but please do not interrupt instruction. All visitors must come to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor’s badge when on campus.   Wilson Is Tobacco Free: Wilson School is a tobacco-free campus. The NMUSD Tobacco-Free Campus Policy 3620 is: The use of tobacco products is not permitted in District buildings or on District property. Offered for your information is this tobacco cessation information: Ready to Quit Smoking? Call toll-free 1-866-New-Lung (1.866.639.5864).   District Drug and Alcohol Policy: The Board of Education Policy 4210 indicates the following:

  • If you buy or sell drugs or alcohol at school or at school-related activities, or while traveling to and from school or school-related activities, you will be subject to expulsion from the School District.
  • If you are in the possession of, use, or are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or in possession of drug paraphernalia indicating the sue at school or at school-related activities, or while traveling to and from school or school-related activities:
    • On the first occasion, you will be transferred to another school in the District.
    • On the second occasion, you will be subject to expulsion from the District.
    • Note that legally, if you are knowingly in the presence of drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia at school or school-related activities, you may be considered to be in possession of drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia.

District Dangerous Weapons Policy: The Board of Education fully intends for our schools to be safe places for students, staff, and visitors. 

  • Possession of a firearm, knife, explosive, or other dangerous objects of no reasonable use to the student is grounds for expulsion.
  • Any student found to have a dangerous weapon or object in his/her possession while on school grounds or while attending an authorized school activity will be prosecuted, which normally involves applicable law enforcement agencies and will lead to expulsion.
  • Weapons and dangerous objects include, but are not limited to, any firearm, stun gun, air gun or spring gun, including toy gun, look-alike or facsimile, slingshot, bludgeon, brass knuckles, any knife (including pocket knives and cutting blades), chains, clubs, stars, and explosives (including M-80's and other dangerous explosives). Also included are articles designed for other purposes but which could easily be used to inflict bodily harm and/or intimidate, such as belts, files, compasses, scissors, bats, etc.
  • Administrators or other delegated school officials will confiscate any article when, in their professional judgment, such article may be utilized as a weapon or dangerous object.
  • When a reasonable suspicion arises that use or possession of a student’s property is illegal, illicit, disruptive, or a danger to the general welfare of pupils and staff, a search may be made of the pupil’s person or personal property. Student lockers and desks are the property of the school and are subject to search.   Complaint Procedures: At Wilson Elementary, we strive to serve students and parents while providing a quality education in a secure environment to all children. If there are concerns regarding any aspect of our school, contact the classroom teacher. If these concerns are not resolved, contact the Principal. Finally, Mrs. Cheryl Galloway is the district’s contact person for filing written complaints and may be reached at 714.424.8932. 
  • Investigation of the written complaint including opportunities to present evidence will be completed within 60 days, with an opportunity for mediation within 15 days.
  • The filing party will receive a written report of the investigation, including rights and procedures for appeal.
  • Both the District and the California Department of Education provide administrative remedies only.
  • Civil law remedies may be pursued through local agencies. A list is available from the District.
  • Discrimination complaints must be filed within six months of the alleged occurrence or within six months of when knowledge of the occurrence was first obtained.