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Campus Rules

Wilson School Rules

Thank you for committing to and following the rules at Wilson Elementary. These rules help to ensure the safety of our children.

  • Students wear optional uniforms or follow our general dress code policies daily. Please visit our handbook under the Wilson Rules tab.
  • Students are required to follow our school-wide Positive Behavioral Expectations ROARS daily. Please visit our handbook for more information
  • We encourage parents to consider healthy options for celebrations and to always communicate with your child's teacher for prior approval.


Student Safety is a priority at Wilson Elementary. It is the collective responsibility of all staff members to ensure our campus is safe. We are in the process this year of practicing and refining our safety protocols and procedures. This includes our communication and responsiveness in the event of an emergency. We will be communicating our practices throughout the year.

We ask that parents partner with us to ensure that our students are safe as well. If you see something, say something! We encourage you to be proactive in communicating concerns you have regarding student safety.

Uniform Policy

The quality of work students produce at school as well as their attitude, is affected by their personal appearance. Appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Students are encouraged to wear clothes that are in good taste, that promote positive self-esteem, and that are appropriate for a school setting and represent scholarship. Teachers and all school staff exemplify and reinforce acceptable student dress and help students develop an understanding of appropriate appearance in a school setting. With these principles in mind, we have voted to adopt a voluntary/OPTIONAL uniform dress code for the entire student body. If families choose not to wear uniform clothing outlined in bold print below, they must follow the other general dress code and personal appearance guidelines.

Please follow these guidelines with regards to the optional school uniform, general dress code, and personal appearance:

  • Always present an acceptable standard of cleanliness and neatness; demonstrate a standard of personal hygiene free from dirt and disorder


  • Navy blue, khaki, or black long pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers, blue or black jeans (jeans and pants may not have holes or be ripped).
  • White, red, light blue or navy blue collared shirt or spirit shirt are acceptable

General Dress Code Guidelines:

  • No spandex, leggings, or jeggings. No ripped jeans or pants with holes.
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts need to be long enough to touch the end of the fingers when arms are down by the child’s thighs
  • Pants should fit well (not overly baggy or tight or too low on hips)
  • Shirts must cover the belly when arms are extended over the head
  • Blouses/shirts should not be see-through
  • No spaghetti straps
  • Hats are allowed to be worn on campus when outside to keep the sun off their faces, but must be removed inside all buildings
  • No inappropriate slogans on clothing. Printing should not include slogans or reference to drugs/alcohol, inappropriate, obscene, violent, or profane words or symbols
  • No wallet chains or chains hanging from clothing
  • No dangling earrings (only posts or tiny hoops)
  • No make-up is allowed
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, this includes mohawks
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times and they should be practical to allow for running, jumping, and kicking while participating in various school activities. Slippers or flip-flop type sandals, skate shoes, elevated heels or open-toed shoes are not permitted. Leather soled shoes are discouraged because of the danger of slipping.

When a student wears unacceptable clothing to school, the parents will be contacted to bring the appropriate clothing to school or the student may be sent home.