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Principal's Message

The principal smiling behind hand-drawn flowers, colored in with vibrant shades.

Welcome Wildcats!

As the new principal of Wilson Elementary, I am deeply committed to upholding our school's values and fostering an environment where every student can thrive. Our ROARS expectations – Respect, Ownership, Achievement, Responsibility, and Safety – will continue to guide us in creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for learning and personal development.

To our students: You are the heart of our school, and it is my utmost priority to ensure that you feel supported, challenged, and inspired to reach your full potential. Together, we will celebrate your achievements and overcome any obstacles that may come our way.

To our dedicated staff: Your hard work and passion are the foundation of our school's success. I am here to support you in your professional growth and provide you with the resources and encouragement you need to excel in your roles.

To our parents and community members: Your partnership is invaluable to us. By working together, we can create a strong support network that nurtures the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students. Your involvement and feedback are crucial in shaping the future of our school.

On this journey together, let us remember the importance of collaboration, empathy, and perseverance. By embracing these values, I am confident that we will achieve great things this year and beyond.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education and development of your children. I am honored to serve as your principal, and I look forward to a year filled with growth, achievement, and joy.

With warm regards,

Lorena Rubio